To see the road closures, please press the link below:

Road closed: 16:45 – 21:00

Roads that are closed for the public traffic:
Jööri, Könnu-Lööne and Jõelepa-Haeska road.

Roads closed: 17:30 – 21:45

Roads that are closed for public traffic:
Metsküla-Meiuste, Meiuste-Pammana, Orissaare-Leisi-Mustjala, Tabri ja Tuhkana roads

Streets are closed: 18:00 – 23:30

City streets that are closed for the public traffic:
Haigla, Suur-Sadama, Töö, Abaja, Pargi, Vana-Roomassaare, Kivi, Uus-Roomassaare, Allee, Lossi, Veski street and Kalda puistee

Roads closed: 06:45 – 14:00

Roads that are closed for the public traffic:
Tiirimetsa-Lassi ja Lõmala-Kaugatoma road

Roads closed: 07:40 – 15:00

Roads that are closed for the public traffic:
Kurevere-Harila, Loodetuule, Kõruse-Harilaiu, Kõruse-Jürise, Tagamõisa-Kõruse and Undva-Neeme-Kuralase-Kalmu road

Roads closed: 14:45 – 18:15

Roads that are closed for the public traffic:
Kandla, Andruse, Kandlametsa, Nõmpa, Lihulinna, Lasketiiru, Karujärve baasi, Kõõru-Karujärve, Üru-Pidula, Kerisekivi, Kuumi-Kuremetsa, Nuki-Rauna, Varkja kruusakarjääri and Varkja karjääri road.

Roads closed: 12:00 – 19:00

Roads that are closed for the public traffic:
Abula-Merise and Mustjala-Rahtla road

Restrictions of the road closures:

On the roads that are pointed out above will be held Estonian Rally Championship’s last event – Saaremaa Rally 2023. Due to the competition, there will be several road closures during the times that are pointed out above for the everyday traffic. The organizer ensures access to operational vehicles providing assistance (rescue agency, ambulance and fire brigade), access is also guaranteed if, for example, a fire brigade vehicle needs to bring extinguishing water.

What if I absolutely need to get out of the home or go to home?

In this case, please contact with the first safety marshal as soon as possible and tell him about your concern. The safety marshal will contact with the race control using a radio transmitter, and then, if necessary and possible, the Special Stage will be stopped. We ask for the understanding and acceptance of all parties here.

Are the roads repaired after the rally?

The organizer of the rally organizes the maintenance and, if necessary, repairs of the road as soon as possible, or right after the competition is over and the weather conditions are favorable for the execution of the works.

Is there anything else I should know?

If you have any pets, please make sure that you care of them during the competition to ensure that the animal does not get on the competition route or pose a danger to the spectators.

Can I have a home cafe in my garden during the races to treat rally spectators?

The organizer of the Saaremaa Rally welcomes idea if a local resident wants to offer their products from their own garden or baked goods to the rally spectators. Feel free to let us know about it, then we can communicate it more widely (

If I live next to the Special Stage, do I also need to buy a ticket for myself?

All residents who live in the immediate vicinity of the test do not need to purchase a ticket! Thank you for allowing us to host one of the most popular motorsport event in the region on your home roads.

Saaremaa Rally is organized by:

Reg. code: 80429510
Address: Arhiivi str. 12, Kuressaare City, Saaremaa Municipality, Saare County, 93815
Tel. +372 526 2039

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