October 12-13, 2018  Saaremaa Ralli takes place for the 51st time in Kuressaare and Saare County which traditionally ends Baltic rally season. Saaremaa Rally is the most historic rally in Estonia and has been organised for 50 times in a row by now. For this consistency Saaremaa Rally has recieved many local prizes and acknowledgement.

Thanks to good organisation and interesting Special Stages Saaremaa Rally has found a special place among competitors and spectators, who through time have come from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Norway and sometimes even from more distant European countries. The time when the rally takes place is also very positive for Saaremaa’s economy, because the tourism season prolongs even more. This gives extra work to most of Saaremaa’s small businesses in every area.

Also there has been lots of positive feedback from local people who have affirmed that the Rally brings a lot of energy, people and work into peaceful autumn of Saaremaa.