Road map


SS1 Kaugatoma/Grand Rose

SS2 Taritu 1/Zukker Disain

SS3 Kuressaare

SS4 Taritu 2/Teetormaja

SS5 Kurevere 1/Mobil Super

SS6 Pidula/Tesman Auto

SS7 Leedri 1/Cramo

SS8 Kurevere 2/Mobil Super

SS9 Leedri 2/Cramo

SS10 Toomalõuka 2/Citroėn

SS11 Sääre/Silveston

Spectators have to buy tickets for all special stages, except on Friday evening in Kuressaare. Rally pass gives access to stages on both rally days.
It can be bought for 15 € since Wednesday, October 11th from Rally Shop in the Saare Selver (Tallinna street 67, Kuressaare).
On Friday the rally passes are available on special stages as well.
A ticket for a single stage costs 5 €.
Access to special stages is free for children under the age of 12 years.

Saaremaa Rally 2017